First up is a "highlights" compilation of keyboards snippets pulled from recent studio work.
Then a range of styles, techniques, and keyboards I've played on clients' recordings.

Artists represented are clients of &/or NeilMcQueen—Details on request.




Still looking for "that sound"?

The texture you can almost hear, but can't describe? The sonic glue that'll be the finishing touch for your music? Most of my clients report that the sound they've been craving—but can't describe—is a keyboards-based sound—an acoustic piano, Hammond B3 organ & Leslie, Rhodes, Wurli, Mellotron, strings, synths, horns, pads, and others—executed in the right style with the finesse of a seasoned pro, spanning all rock genres to straight-ahead jazz to
progressive metal to modern country and more.



Demonstrating collective perspiring abilities post-concert
with prog-metal superband Prymary. The video is a pre-release
promo video for The Enemy Inside, Prymary's third album.