Please feel free to call or e-mail with any questions or requests, for an introductory call or meeting, a friendly chat, or anything else I can help you with, including:

  • Customized portfolios for any medical or tech category, and most
    consumer and retail categories, in all media
  • Freelance copywriting, concepting, creative direction, campaigns, rebranding, launches, agency marketing, and more
  • Creative teams, consisting of trusted, long-term creative partners
    (former creative dept. staff--known, stable, proven teams), for pitches, campaigns, new agency directions, etc.
  • Creativity Seminars with agency or clients:
    • "Innovation Inside, For Our Innovation Economy"—The RIGHT ways to weave creativity throughout your organization, from a top ad agency creative director)
    • "Sonic Branding—Hear your brand talking"
      • Today's most effective differentiation tool, for today's cluttered messaging environments
    • "The Creative Process—What it is, and What it isn't"
      • A right-brain/left brain "how-to", from a top ad agency creative director, using top ad agency methods
    • More...
  • Consultant partner re strategy, branding, research
  • Local (So Cal) or remote work
  • Staff Creative Director / Other Positions


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